regaining control: unravelling the hiring manager’s dilemma


By Chris Andrews – Managing Director

Hiring new talent is a critical task for any organisation. Yet, it’s not uncommon for hiring managers to experience a sense of unease or even loss of control during the hiring process.

Hiring managers often face pressure from various stakeholders, including senior management, team members, and even external influences such as market trends. The fear of making a wrong choice and the potential consequences that may follow can intensify this feeling.

61% of business owners have experienced time wasted in hiring*

So, how do you support your managers and assist them in taking back their time and regaining control of the hiring process?

#1. Plan! Strategic workforce planning allows hiring managers to align their talent acquisition efforts with organisational goals. By anticipating future workforce needs, identifying skill gaps, and implementing succession planning, managers gain a better understanding of their hiring requirements and can proactively address them.

#2. Seek support from external agencies and experts. This alignment fosters a greater sense of control and reduces the risk of making decisions solely based on internal influences.

#3. Utilise applicant tracking systems and data analytics. These provide objective data to support decision-making, reducing the impact of biases and restoring control over the selection process.

 #4. The collaborative recruitment method. This can be a powerful approach to restore control and foster collective ownership. Involving a variety of relevant team members in the selection process brings diverse perspectives and reduces the burden on individual hiring managers.

#5. Align expectations. This means, defining the job requirements, establishing transparent communication channels, and being transparent with all parties in the decision-making process, timeframes and salary expectations.


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The cost of a bad hire can be surprisingly high“, Robert Half, 2017*