Meet the Team

Chris Andrews Founder and Head of Advisory

Chris has over 25 years of recruitment experience and has been Director in the UK and Australia in both agile, boutique environments and large global listed names. He has managed permanent and contract teams across disciplines including Sales, Marketing, ICT, Accounting, Professional Services, and Operations. He founded Stone to create a more personal approach to hiring and is loving the challenge of steering the evolution towards a new, innovative and authentic offering. Chris has always dreamed of being a rock guitarist – a career path that was only derailed by a massive lack of talent.

Jon Wright Director and Head of Recruitment Delivery

Jon is a CPA-qualified accountant who brings over nine years of commercial accounting and operations experience - his last role before Stone was General Manager of a rapidly growing Building & Construction business. As Head of Recruitment Delivery, he loves mobilising the team to track down and engage talent that nobody else could find for his clients. Ever the sports fanatic, Jon is a superfan of the AFL’s underdogs, the St Kilda Saints and spends his weekend cheering them on, or playing with his baby boy, Austin.

Emily Matthews Consultant

Emily has a unique blend of marketing and recruitment experience which she has gained through living and working in the UK and Australia. With a passion for people, talking and writing, she is Stone’s creative guru. Emily stumbled across Stone in ways no-one can remember but is glad she did as she feels that they are a very cool company to work for and have great values. When she's not working, she is eating pizza, listening to true crime podcasts, or hanging out with her dogs, Rufus and Dobby.

Smetha Raju Associate Consultant

Smetha has completed her Master of Business Administration in Human Resources and comes from a background of recruitment, logistics and education counselling. As an Associate Consultant at Stone, her role is to contribute to the growth and reach of the business, with a strong focus on both our clients and candidates. Other than dancing around the room (due to the inordinate amount of coffee that she drinks a day), she also enjoys watching comedy movies and absolutely, definitely will not be listening to true crime podcasts.

Astrid Herran Drago Associate Consultant

After completing a degree in Business Administration and gaining experience in various creative industries in different countries, Astrid realised she had a passion for people. As an Associate Consultant at Stone, her role is to contribute to the growth and reach of the business, with a strong focus on both our clients and candidates. Originally from Argentina, she has been based in Australia for more than 4 years and has enjoyed exploring other cultures and languages - and so far, she has tackled three! Outside of work you’ll probably find her cruising the waves or at the beach.

Susan Moussa Consultant

Susan comes has a strong background in payroll and accounts and is very confident in manoeuvring through difficult conversations and soon, her interests shifted, and she swapped working with finances, to working with people. At Stone, Susan works regularly with accounts, blue-collar and customer services roles and uses her unique knowledge in these fields to ensure the perfect candidate is found. Susan also has a huge passion for animals and loves spending her spare time with her cat, Winnie, watching movies and LOTS of online shopping.

Lucia Ferraro Associate Consultant

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Law and embarking on a career within the industry, Lucia decided to take a risk and move from Argentina to Australia. Three years later, she has travelled, discovered new cultures and learned a whole new language. As an Associate Consultant at Stone, her role is to contribute to the growth and reach of the business, with a strong focus on both clients and candidates. Lucia uses her business acumen and incredible attention to detail skills learned through her study to deliver the best service possible. Lucia also has a huge passion for sports and loves spending her spare time outdoors skating and sunbathing at her favourite spot - Bondi Beach.

Our Story So Far

I started Stone in 2010, after learning the ropes in listed multinationals both here and in the UK.

After several years I realised that, while my clients needed help hiring specific roles, the real roadblocks to hiring success lay hidden elsewhere – in their underlying processes.

That’s when I started to isolate the successful stages in sustained, high performance hiring best practice – so we could implement them in our clients.

Now, through a wide range of services, we can help clients enhance every step, so they hire well, every time.

We are always learning as technology & innovation bring new and better ways to acquire talent – we hope we can share our insights & ideas with you along the way.

Chris Andrews, Founder