Our Difference

A Unique Engagement Model

Recruitment as a Service

Stone operates as an embedded team within your business, via a monthly service agreement. We become part of your planning cycle and target talent specifically for you, integrating the latest search methodologies and tech platforms.

You instantly gain an in-house team, ongoing consulting support and the expertise to bring your ‘why’ to the market; as an SME, you can now leverage previously inaccessible hiring capability and control, significantly increasing your success rate.  

Flexible Contracts

You're in Control

We know that SMEs live with risk and uncertainty, so why add more? Our contracts can be cancelled with one months’ notice and we don’t demand exclusivity for every role. If you are working with Stone, it’s because you want to.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Geared to Success

A tailored, transparent fee structure and 6-month placement guarantees ensure an ROI that surpasses industry standards. The efficiencies we realise, through knowing our clients so well, are shared back with you.

Optional Service Modules

Branding & Optimisation

We can support your growth as it happens by adding further service modules at your own pace. With our Employer Branding support we can tell your story to the market, while we can refine your go-to-market efficiency through our Recruitment Process Optimisation module.