Why Stone?

At Stone, we know a flow of great candidates is essential – but it’s just the starting point for scaled growth.

Your hiring managers need support and coaching. Your employer brand needs to be solid, your media strategy has to work and the candidate experience the best in class. We have identified nearly 30 areas for gaining a competitive edge, and we have a process for improving every one of them.

And all this needs to be coordinated, measured and improved constantly, otherwise your hiring quality, cultural DNA and ultimately, performance will be undermined.

That’s why our unique approach improves every part of your talent acquisition process, not just candidate hiring. From enhancing employer branding and comprehensive training to advanced systems and market mapping, our projects amplify your strategy. All are coordinated through a centralised contact, to give you visibility and control over your talent acquisition.


Our Solutions

Stone optimises your recruitment capability by combining search & selection with projects aimed at enhancing your underlying process.

Our comprehensive service offering combines people, process, technology, training, and insights to meet the specific needs of each client across all industries. From Workforce Planning to Market Mapping, Employer Branding to Search & Selection, Hiring Manager Skills to KPI reporting, we optimise every aspect of the talent acquisition process.



What sets us apart?

Only Stone combines hands-on, dedicated hiring support with projects that improve your underlying talent acquisition processes. Second, our centralised reporting lets you monitor, measure, and improve hiring across the whole company. Finally, our flexible, demand-led contracts offer a cost-effective alternative to standard agencies.

Experience the Stone difference and unlock the full potential of your talent acquisition capability.

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Who We Are

Our team of talent acquisition specialists are dedicated recruiters and cheerleaders for continuous improvement.

We love helping our clients attract the right people, knowledge and skills using a fresh and innovative approach.

Case Study

Check out how we supported Rhino-Rack through a growth period to build a global team, attain 92% + retention and protect their managerial time.