partners, not clients



By Emily Matthews

Partnerships create synergy. The objectives of a partnership include bringing together the skills and resources of multiple people to create something that is better than the sum of its parts

Devra Gartenstein, Bizfluent

For consistency online we refer to our clients as ‘clients’, however, we like to consider them as our partners and in many cases our friends. The above quote by Devra Gartenstein from Bizfluent helps to illustrate how we interpret the term ‘partnership’ and why this notion underpins our work. Through our client-centric approach, Stone strives to forge strong relationships with our clients, and we feel it is important to get to know them as the individuals behind the email signatures. We communicate with our clients frequently, even before they engage with our services, as we believe that familiarity leads to likeability, which leads to trust. Partnering with a recruitment agency requires a lot of trust, hence why we feel that it is fundamental to build trust as early in the process as possible.

By viewing our clients as partners, it allows us to operate on a shared playing field, in ways which will help see each other succeed. At Stone, we advocate honesty, respect and openness and offer the same in return; we are honest with our clients before we work together and continue with this ethos throughout the relationship. Our experts aim to provide an environment where clients feel that they can show vulnerability, both personally and professionally, as we believe that this lowering of walls allows our team to better uncover pain points within their business and effectively work through a plan to improve on them.

Stone demonstrates that recruitment does not need to be transactional, but instead can be driven by communication and collaboration. We work for our clients, and we we work with them to provide great candidates alongside the tools and knowledge needed to improve on their growth strategies, recruitment and employer branding.

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