must read! 5 reasons to use stone’s go2market team for your hiring


One minute read #1

Do you need candidates desperately? Would you love the benefits of a large internal talent acquisition team, but don’t have the time or the budget to build one? You may be in need of Stone’s Go2Market service – here are 5 reasons why companies call us time and again…

  1. You have a fully operational talent team, engaging the market from today
    • The moment we are engaged, our entire team can be deployed for you
    • You gain the hiring leverage of a multinational overnight
    • We can manage 1 role or 100, depending on demand
    • All levels and types of role managed within one team
  2. You have an account manager to make your life so much better
    • Your account manager handles everything so you don’t have to
    • They will coach and support your hiring managers, keeping you in the loop on training needs
    • Weekly summary report on all roles with ‘at-a-glance’ traffic light feedback
    • Peace of mind that a trusted advisor cares as much as you do about hiring quality   
  3. Every hire is managed as a dedicated search assignment  
    • We invest time understanding your business and culture
    • Every candidate is interviewed and engaged only for your company
    • Your WHY Is shared from the start          
  4. You have access to the latest tech platforms and search techniques
    • We continuously invest in the latest and greatest tech/social media platforms
    • Our consultants undergo regular quality control and skill training  
  5.  You save money and keep control
    • No huge retainers
    • Lower placement fees
    • No lock in contracts
    • We spend less time & money selling – those savings are shared with you

At Stone we know that a team of great people are the building blocks to a successful business. For more information on how we can help, contact us today!