meet lucia ferraro – associate consultant


Meet Lucia! Lawyer turned Recruiter, you’d better hold on to your hats as we introduce our newest team member!

Tell us a bit about you. How did you get to where you are now? 

Lucia Ferraro

Meet Lucia, our newest recruit!

I am originally from Argentina, where I studied my bachelor’s degree in Law. I started my career as a lawyer in Buenos Aires and after a few years, I decided to travel around the world for a new experience. I was able to explore different cultures and see what was out there. I landed in Australia and instantly the country just blew my mind.

After a few months travelling under a working holiday visa, I decided to return to a professional career and… here I am!

What do you love about recruitment?

What I love about it is having the chance to help people find their dream job. Work is a huge aspect of our life and I´d like to think that we all should feel fulfilled by doing what we enjoy. Being a recruiter has given me the chance to participate in that process and even though I’m new to the industry – it is definitely giving me joy.

Favourite country you have visited and why

Quite hard to choose! I know that it could sound too cheesy, but I think my fave country is Australia. When I came here the first time, I just fell in love with the country: the variety of landscapes, the weather and the people. I liked it that much and couldn’t stop thinking about it, that after a while, I decided to make it my second home.

Favourite past time?

Exploring! Last year I had the chance to go to Europe with my best friend. We spent the funniest months of our lives over there. I love travelling and if it is with friends is even better!

Favourite food?

BBQ- every Argentinian’s favourite food probably is (and should be), BBQ food!

Something you’d tell your teenage self?

Don’t overstress. Things will be okay after all. 😊

Random fact about yourself? 

If I could have a superpower, I would fly (flights are EXPENSIVE!!)

What makes Stone different?

Its values and definitely the amazing team!

Toes for fingers, or fingers for toes?

Fingers for toes without a doubt!

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