how to streamline recruitment – without compromising on outcomes


Hiring the right people for your business is crucial to your future success. We all understand the amount of time and effort required to recruit new employees, and most of us have also experienced the disappointment of those shiny new hires not working out as we’d anticipated.

In this article, we explain how you can move away from chaotic and risky recruitment processes and start turning your hiring practices into a reliable and scalable well-oiled machine.

People are your greatest asset

We know this statement may be a cliché – but it still holds true. Companies that are transforming through growth and/or restructure will invariably need to hire people, often across multiple locations and levels of seniority. These new hires are essential for the growth and direction of the business, so there is a lot of pressure to attract, screen and appoint well – every time.

Hiring consistently is key

Hiring the right people consistently, however, is a major challenge for any organisation. For example, does everyone agree on what a great candidate looks like? How much of the potential market are you reaching? Are the hiring managers ambassadors for the employer brand? Where are you advertising? Who is project managing the hiring process for each role?

Every hiring manager faces unique challenges

In addition, every hiring manager will face different challenges: some will need to hire very specific skills for their roles, while others may be in hard-to-reach geographical locations. Some will have to pay above market rate due to high levels of competition. Some will have inherited legacy issues which impacts the company reputation in that location, meaning candidates are harder to attract.

Every hiring manager has different hiring experiences and skills

Furthermore, every hiring manager will bring different strengths and weaknesses to their hiring game. Some are great ambassadors for the brand but end up hiring the wrong person. Some take too long and lose the best candidates; others rush the process and overlook potential candidates. . Some hire too reactively through a lack of planning; others are so focused on culture that they fail to hire sufficient functional skills for success.

As your company goes so do the challenges

Once you extrapolate these challenges nationwide and across multiple role levels, the scale of the challenge becomes apparent. Hiring can very quickly become a runaway train with no direction. Once this begins it can be difficult to avoid a downward spiral  and poor hiring inevitably leads to poor outcomes for your business.

Make sure you’re on track

So how do you stop the spiral and equally importantly, where do you start? The answer to the first is that every company in transformation needs to implement an operationalised and replicable best-practice hiring process.

This means establishing and implementing best-practice across workforce planning, manager training, process optimisation, employer branding, recruitment delivery and market insights.

While this may seem overwhelming, a simple first step is to establish a baseline benchmark. Stone’s Talent Acquisition Capability (TAC) Review is a quick and simple way to better understand where you’re doing well and where this is room for improve across all 6 areas outlined above and it also includes a basic risk mitigation plan. The process is designed to be simple, practical and straightforward.

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