5 reasons why exit interviews are a great idea


One minute read #2

  1. It sends a positive message to your existing workforce
    • We are listening to you and prepared to learn – that is the key message you are sending your employees. Companies that conduct exit interviews are viewed as having humility and an openness that makes them attractive places to work.  
  2. The feedback loop is essential to improvement
    • Nobody likes bad news, and let’s be honest, it often comes out in exit interviews. That said, even putting emotional bias to one side, direct feedback on your EVP is the only way to improve it. 
  3. It may bring someone back one day (maybe even today)
    • Everyone should leave on a positive note. A final meeting can be the cathartic experience that leavers need to reset and turns a ‘never again’ into a ‘keep in touch’. If you left the door open, keep the relationship positive, and the grass isn’t greener…who knows?   
  4. It provides competitor insights
    • Most people don’t just walk out the door – they have researched other roles and companies, often in your sector. If they are moving to your competitor, what market intelligence can be learned as part of this process? What incentives and perks do other companies offer? Are you in the top, middle or bottom banding?     
  5. 1-4 are free
    • This is all crucial data that we would pay a consultancy to gather for us, yet it hides in plain sight every time someone leaves the company. 

At Stone we consider Exit Interviews so important that they are one of the 6 key links in the talent acquisition chain.  For more information, contact us today!