Our Services

Recruitment Delivery

Take the fuss out of hiring

Helping you with recruitment is what drives us. All roles, all levels, contract and permanent – we have it covered. For every assignment, our goal is to hire you the best possible employee.

Employer Branding

What is your story, and who wants to be part of it?

A well-defined employer brand is what makes you stand out to your current and future employees.

Stone’s Employer Branding team can help you articulate the values and qualities which inspire others to join.

We then leverage your existing market channels to share your story with the world.

Recruitment Process Optimisation

If you build it, they will join

Hiring for growth requires a people-centric supply-chain that is unique to every business.

A strong framework for finding and hiring talent creates an engine-room for growth.

Our team can build the systems and processes you need to succeed.