Management Team

Here at Stone our ethos is to work with our clients ‘as if we owned your company’. Culture fit, values, soft skills and attitude are as important as technical skills when matching individuals to opportunities, so our people need to have the maturity and experience required to assess these areas.

Chris Andrews

Chris has been in recruitment since the dawn of time and worked within both multinational firms and boutiques across the UK and Australia. He has seen most of the good, bad and ugly in the industry, and believes it is poised for a significant structural change. He is committed to positioning Stone as a market leader in a more collaborative, long-term approach to partnering with organization. In his view “today’s clients look for lower fees combined with more creativity, efficiency and service in their recruiter. In return they are prepared to invest in a long term partner – SHR meets that gap in the market.” He lives in Sydney with his family, and relaxes by playing rock guitar badly.

Chris Andrews Stone Recruitment Accounting & Finance Western Sydney

Jon Wright

Jon is a CPA qualified accountant and brings with him over 9 years of commercial accounting and business operations experience. Jon is a graduate of Western Sydney University and started his career as an Accountant in the retail environment before moving into the position of Company Accountant within the building and construction industry. This role developed into Jon taking on the HR responsibilities of the group including all aspects of workforce management from talent acquisition to performance management. Within the same group he then coordinated the ground up development of a new manufacturing business of which he held the position of General Manager for 4 years. You could consider Jon a sports fanatic as he enjoys watching and playing just about any sport you can think of and especially enjoys getting out for a ride on his bike. Nothing can compare however to the passion he has for the AFL’s perennial underdogs the St Kilda Saints.

Chris Andrews Stone Recruitment Accounting & Finance Western Sydney