SHR – Stone Hybrid Resourcing

Stone Hybrid Recruitment (SHR) is our vision of how recruitment should be in an ideal world! It challenges the current accepted architecture of the recruitment market, which most people (recruiters included) would agree is probably long overdue a rethink.

The (very) short version – SHR is a managed-service offering whereby we charge a monthly amount, decided by you, that is offset against recruitment services.

It provides an integrated approach to sourcing and developing your key resource – the people that work for you. We are able to offer our clients a more collaborative, low risk, and efficient approach to talent acquisition and management.

Stone Recruitment - SHr and how it works

Working with a dedicated Account Manager, our SHR clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Control over spend and cash flow
  • Greater collaboration with Recruiter
  • Simple, short contracts (unlike RPO)
  • Reduction in overall cost-to-hire
  • No more sales calls from your Recruiter
  • Meaningful recruitment analytics and metrics
  • No changes to your internal systems (unlike RPO)
  • We work alongside and support HR
  • Contingent workforce payroll management
  • We do not demand exclusivity, so you can maintain relationships with other specialists
  • Talent mapping in the market – ‘bench-building’
  • Far greater workforce planning and strategic sourcing
  • Access to immigration/training/coaching/psychometric services/employee evaluation etc.

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact Chris Andrews on 0430 160 709.